Busted: Myths about Wedding Photography

A wedding is an extremely special and momentous occasion of one’s life. A person commits to loving and caring for the other without any conditions and in any situation. We think that such a day deserves the best memories. Od course, choosing a wedding photographer can be a difficult task while planning for such a big day. However you decide to choose your wedding photographer, don’t forget to keep the following (busted or not) myths in mind before making any decisions.


MYTH: “I need to provide a list of wedding photos/shot list for my photographer to shoot throughout the day.”

Busted: While researching for your wedding photographer, you might come across wedding magazines or blogs that advise you to have a list of all the shots you want on your wedding day. While that sounds great theoretically, having a specific list might not be the best idea for your wedding photos. When you hire a photographer, you do it because you like their style and their images. Giving them a list of photos might hamper their creativity on your wedding day. You want your photographer to do their best on your wedding and not worry about if they’ve covered all the shots in your list. Trust in your photographer and their experience, and understand that they are aware of what you want from your wedding day.

Of course, if there’s any picture you’ve always dreamed of having, share it with the photographer. Or if you want to make sure certain family portraits are not missed out on, let them know. But otherwise, have faith that the photographer you hired will give you your best wedding memories.



MYTH: “Candid/new-age photographers don’t take family/formal portraits.”

Busted: “A candid photograph is a photograph captured without creating a posed appearance,” is what Wikipedia says if you search candid photography on Google. Yes, while candid photography does mean taking photos without people being aware of it, or creating a posed set-up, this definition has also led to the misconception that candid photographers do not take family portraits or formal portraits at all. Which is untrue. While we do take the majority of our photos unposed and as real as it happens, we are happy to take portraits with your friends and family. A wedding is an event that’s for family and friends and we understand how important it is to have some formal portraits with them. Of course, it’s a little difficult during an important ritual or ceremony. But we are always open to taking group photos and family portraits once the main event is over.


MYTH: “It’s better to have more mediocre/inexpensive photographers than a excellent/expensive photographer”

Busted: Never compromise on quality for quantity, for anything in life, we suggest. While getting more photographers at a low price might seem like a win, also consider why they would be offering more for less. While we hope we’re not being duped, most often it’s not the case. Wedding photography professionals spend years and a lot of money learning and honing their skills. The top names in this industry are expensive only because they offer talent which took years to improve. A few hundred great photos of important moments from your wedding are better than a thousand images that aren’t great. The number of photographers or images matter less than getting the images you dreamed of.



MYTH: “My friend just bought a DSLR and she/he is into photography, so I don’t need to hire a professional.”

Busted: Weddings are about people, emotions and memories. Ten years down the line, it’s the photos from your wedding that will be, not the food you ate or the wedding dress you wore or the decor at your venue. While your friend may be a decent, even good, photographer, hire a professional. Just like you won’t hire someone who cooks for fun as a caterer at your wedding or someone who has an interest in designing as your wedding planner, photography is also something you can’t just trust anyone to do. We’ve shot hundreds of weddings, we know the ins and outs of what a wedding constitutes. We know what to do and where to be during ceremonies and rituals. We have back-ups in case of failures and we have been trained to shoot in any condition – harsh sunlight, or dark ballroom. So while a friend can do a decent job, trust us, we will do it better. You don’t get a second chance at your wedding, so make sure you get images that you can cherish for years to come.

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