Top 10 Candid Photography Tips For Stunning Photos

This article will cover the top candid photography tips for taking stunning photos.

Who doesn’t love candid photos? Today the whole world is crazy about candid photography and selfies. People love to share their candid pictures on social media. The era of candid photography is in a phase of exponential growth. Clicking an open shot in a formal photographic situation is one of the craziest things a photographer can do. 

Being a candid wedding photographer, you have to capture different candid moments of your clients. So that you can separate some fantastic pictures from randomly taken photos, and if you have some best candid photography tips, nothing can stop you from becoming a pro. Here are some top candid photography tips that will save you time and sharpen your photography skills.

Top 10 Candid Photography Tips

Following are some standard candid photography tips and tricks that you need to know.

1. Shoot In Burst Mode To Capture Every Moment

People are unpredictable at weddings, especially when they enjoy their moments, so when doing candid photography, you only get one chance to get the perfect candid photo, so take as many shots as possible. Whether your camera is a Nikon or a Canon digital camera capable of taking good pictures. Look at that photo; You will be surprised to see the result you will get. And shooting in burst mode increases your chances of capturing that perfect shot.

Pro Tip: Family moments are the best time for candid photography.

2. Roam Around Your Subjects For Better Composition

Ask them to move on for a better composition if you’re taking a candid photo of someone. Asking them to look natural is also pointless. This makes for the weirdest shot of all. Get up and move around your subjects until you’ve positioned them to your liking, then snap. Keep your candid camera ready at all times. A whole set of photographs taken from a single seat tends to be boring and predictable. Movement helps mix things up.

3. Be More Discreet With Prime Lenses

Light prime lenses will make your camera more compact, less noticeable, and easier to use. It will allow you to walk around an event, blend into the background, and raise your camera to take photos without anyone noticing. A 50mm, 35mm, or 28mm prime with a wide aperture (in the f/1.4 to f/2 range) will serve you well in these shooting scenarios.

That doesn’t mean you have to ditch the zoom lens. Use both or alternate between the two. This is why you would have seen many wedding photographers using two cameras—one with the zoom and one with the prime.

4. Change Your Perspective While Clicking A Picture

Photos taken from a standing height look fantastic. Keep the camera at the eye-level to get some great candid shots. Also, change your perspective to mix things up and take striking pictures.

For example, get down and shoot up, or find a good vantage point and take snaps. You can climb stairs, walk across bridges, crouch to the ground – whatever you need to do to take the photo (while being unseen).

Also, try shooting from the hip if you prefer low-angle shots but find it uncomfortable to sit while doing candid photography (after all, it will draw some attention). While it may skew your photos, it’s an interesting effect that some candid wedding photographers prefer and lend a sense of randomness and realness to a scene.

5. Position Yourself Strategically

Candid photography is about capturing unexpected moments and getting the perfect shot within a second. You can increase your success if you think ahead and anticipate what will unfold. If you ask these questions beforehand, it can increase the chances that you will save time running around and changing yourself when the action happens. And you’ll be in the perfect place to capture candid moments when they happen.

6. Bring More Clarity To Your Portraits

When photographers take candid photos at weddings, you also get to know from somewhere that they are taking candid shots of you, so you pose more naturally. What do you like about the candid look? To many, they often seem more natural; they are often a more honest representation of the person and moment than a portrait. With this in mind, apply what you love to your posed portrait sessions.

The standard advice is to keep taking pictures between poses. Candid photos can be born a little further and integrated into your poses. For example, if you have planned a thematic session and are working with props, try to capture moments when the model is on set or is busy with something other than photos.

7. Turn Off the Flash and Use Natural Light

One important candid photography tip is not to use a camera flash for candid photos. Nothing kills a genuine moment more effectively than having a flash on your face. Anyway, natural light is the most beautiful light. So look for places, areas, and environments where light is abundant or beautiful. To learn more about shooting with natural light, learn natural light photography.

8. Adjust Camera Settings

As a candid photographer, you need to be fast, and so does your camera. Both shutter speed and focus mode have to be set with that in mind. You can select some settings before you start capturing the moments. Shoot in Raw But let’s start with basic settings and select the Raw file format. The file format you choose at the start of your candid photography shoot determines what you can do with it when you’re done shooting.

In other words, in the editing phase. The most significant difference between shooting RAW and JPEG is that RAW files are more forgiving, which is good news. If you are new to shooting in RAW, we suggest you select the RAW/JPEG option. Your camera will produce a RAW file and a JPEG file of the same image.

9. Smartphone Street Photography

A day-to-day shoot is nothing better than a smartphone with a good camera. Everyone has one, and no one notices when another person grabs one to take a photo. Today’s phones also take great pictures, with some models now as good as point-and-shoot cameras. With a smartphone, you turn from photographer to person on the street.

10. Bring The Right Gear

​The best photography tips about gear are to keep your camera close and ready at all times. Because you never know when and what time that epic moment will appear. So, if you want to be prepared and keep your camera ready, you don’t miss the moment and click the best picture, just keeping it close by, but with a chargeable battery and memory. It’s best to have a spare charged battery and another memory card ready to be sure.


Candid photographs are imperfect in the sense that there are no lies involved. They are images of people interacting with their world as if you weren’t there with the camera. With a review of our best candid photography tips, a little practice, and a keen eye, you can master this skill and take great candid photos in any setting or situation.


Why do people love candid photography?

People love candid photography as they look more natural and attractive and are happy to share their candid photos on social media. Who doesn’t like surprises? In candid photography, you are unaware of the subject, which is why people like candid photos.

Which lens is best for candid photography?

A long focus lens (80mm lens) can be a good choice for candid photography as it allows you to take pictures from a distance without any hindrance. A 50mm prime lens is also a good choice as it produces excellent, distortion-free images and is a relatively easy-to-use all-purpose lens.

How do I take good candid photos?

One of the top secrets to taking some stunning candid photos is to be as invisible and unobtrusive as possible. The purpose of candid photography is to capture the subject in a natural setting and keep the mood as authentic and unrestrained as possible. The photographer must be extra careful and not ‘get in the way’ of the subjects too much.

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