Candid Photography Vs Traditional Photography

Candid Photography Vs Normal (Traditional) Wedding Photography

An event like a wedding happens only once in a lifetime. People like to cherish their important days in memory. Wedding photography is one of the best ways to capture the most amazing moments in a couple’s life. Nowadays, candid photography is a genre that is rapidly gaining popularity. Despite being the latest cool trend of candid, traditional wedding photography also has many followers.

Candid Vs Traditional Wedding Photography— Which is Best?

Many couples ask what they should choose between candid and traditional wedding photography. What type of photography would be best for a special occasion like their wedding? If you ask us, the answer is simple, both are good, and both photography types have their benefits. In short, Identify what you are looking for, your desires and expectations from photography, and choose which type of photography you want.

To make your selection easier, you must know the basic differences between candid and traditional wedding photography. Next, you will find a detailed explanation of both types of photography, their importance, and their differences. 

Candid Wedding Photography

Candid photography is a new and innovative approach to wedding photography. Think photojournalism meets traditional or normal photography.

Photographers travel around weddings to capture moments of emotion or candid photography pose with a proud, smiling grandmother, a groom catching a glimpse of the bride in the middle of the ceremony, a laughing child, or a mother quietly crying tears of joy. Attention is paid to unobtrusively capture as many emotional and important moments as possible so that years from now, you have emotional memories of your wedding day.

Traditional Wedding Photography

Traditional wedding photography involves taking photographs of wedding participants by setting up poses or taking simple photographs of events. The photographer will instruct you to sit in a particular spot, stand against a specific background, or pose in group pictures. When you see your wedding album with traditional wedding photography, you are very happy that you captured every moment of your wedding on camera.

Candid Photography Vs. Traditional Wedding Photography

In candid wedding photography, the subject is unknown and does not pose. Whereas in traditional wedding photography, people sit properly, pose, and smile.

Marriage is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Couples want to make their day special so they can live it after years when they see their wedding photos. Wedding photography is the best way to capture the most auspicious moments in a couple’s life. Nowadays, there is a trend of candid photography which is catching up fast. Although it is the new hip trend, still traditional wedding photography has many fans.

Candid Photography is Always Natural

candid wedding photography
candid wedding photography

Indian candid wedding photography is a mix of the old and the new trends, as it boasts traditional weddings in new and different colors. Photographers take pictures of people when they are unaware they are being photographed. The photographer moves around the wedding area and captures people during the wedding rituals. It has become popular in recent times despite the obvious photography cost being higher than traditional photography.

Traditional Photography is Still a Trend

Unlike candid photography, traditional photography involves taking pictures of people sitting down. They know that someone is clicking their photo. This type of photography is more formal in its approach. Normal photography allows the photographer to create the perfect setting to capture a picture where everyone is looking their best. It also means that people can dress however they want and poses in a way that suits them best.

Traditional Wedding Photography
Traditional Wedding Photography

Focus On Pictures

The traditional wedding photographer’s primary objective is coverage. They want to ensure that every ceremony is captured in as much of the event as they can do it. You must have observed him meticulously photographing the wedding ceremony in any wedding ceremony. 

Photographers will also try to cover weddings, decorations, puja items, and accessories. They are adept at compiling a complete scrapbook of your events and the attendees. A prospective photographer’s main subject is feeling. Although the couple is the day’s focus, the wedding also holds special meaning for the couple’s close family and friends. The couple also spends a lot of time selecting the location, clothing, jewelry, and decorations for the wedding.

candid photography in wedding

Proper Use Of Equipment

The different demands of candid photographers and traditional photographers cause the equipment they use to be different.

Candid photographers invest in various lenses (expensive ones called prime lenses) because they need to be on the cutting edge of photography. For example, 1Plus1 Studio has invested in the highest-quality Canon cameras and lenses. We have also invested in DJI drones instead of renting low-quality drones.

The Final Editing Process

The normal photographer shoots tens of thousands of weddings a month. Due to the lack of time, he can only edit photos. What you get is often a collection of lightly improvised ones.

Candid photographers allow time for their photos by making necessary edits. Good composition and color grading are what makes an image great. Because of the premium placed on high-quality output, a candid wedding photographer spends a lot of time on color correction, curation, and other creative editing. The candid photos that are distributed should appear thoughtful and personal.

traditional photography in wedding


There is a difference between the approach of a candid and a traditional wedding photographer. For example, a candid portrait photographer uses lighting and captures a person in a more casual tone. The photograph’s final look also depends on the processing of the images. And it also depends on the skill of the photographers.

The similarity between the two types is their observation of a scenario that has to be captured on camera. And what they want to position a subject in a photo before they click the shutter. The difference could also be attributed to how they utilize light and the environments they favor. Even though candid Indian wedding photography is popular, the traditional style is still around. Traditional photography is very popular in India since it has been tolerated for so long.

The outcomes are different in both situations. But both types of wedding photography can produce quality work depending on the photographer’s talent. Also, while some aspects of the wedding call for traditional photography, some are best captured in candid shots.

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